May 19th, 2024 Girl Scouts at Shoseian in Glendale

Girl Scouts at Shoseian in Glendale
May 19th, 2024

UTLAA held a tea demonstration for Girl Scout Troop 66038 in Thousand Oaks at Shōsei-an in Glendale.  

There were 20 participants, including parents, experienced usucha for the first time.

CoA Soshin Abe explained the history and etiquette of the way of tea in an easy-to-understand manner. After giving a tour of the Japanese garden, she showed them how to proceed from the waiting area to the tea room, making sure the young girls could understand the way of tea.

Sochi Ohshima (Shokyaku) was seated next to six scouts. Some of them were dressed in colorful kimono. Sokei Masciandaro (Teishu) demonstrated Hakobi usucha temae. 

The Girl Scouts enjoyed the sweets from Fugetsudo and usucha with the help of Shokyaku and Soketsu Guterres (Hanto). 

They had a wonderful time experiencing many new things, such as handling the tea bowl carefully with both hands and learning why they have to rotate them clockwise before drinking.

The experienced Soyo Nakamori was in charge of Mizuya efficiently serving tea and sweets to everyone.

Shikino hana makie tea caddy (Yamanaka lacquerware) was appropriate for early summer.

The tea scoop named “Friendship” made from pine wood used in the Shuni-e ceremony at Todaiji temple Nigatsu-do prompted us to reflect on what is truly important in a chaotic world.