February 18th, 2024 Tea ceremony demonstration at SOUTH COAST BOTANIC GARDEN

Tea ceremony demonstration at SOUTH COAST BOTANIC GARDEN
February 18th, 2024

On Sunday February 18th, 2024, a tea ceremony demonstration was held at South Coast Botanic Garden, Palos Verdes, for the first time as one of their cultural classes. The demonstration took place in their beautiful Rose Garden area for garden members. Most of the participants never had matcha nor have seen a tea ceremony. Chief of Administration, Soshin Abe, gave a lecture about Chado history before the demonstration and explained the procedure step by step. The theme of the demonstration was “Ichigo ichie”, translated as, “Appreciating this one time meeting.”  The chosen Chashaku was Wajima-nuri, “Takara zukushi”, a treasured tea scoop dedicated to the city that was severely damaged by the Noto earthquake. The demonstration was presented by Mme. Ogawa and her students, Karen Ishii and Takayuki Sakai who served as host and assistant. After the demonstration, authentic Japanese sweets and a bowl of matcha were served to all the guests. The audience had many questions regarding the Chado culture and the utensils selected for the event. It was a wonderful opportunity for the members to spread and promote the beauty of the culture to the public.