DECEMBER 3, 2023

To thank our managers, leaders and instructors for their support through 2023, President Robert Hori, Chief of Administration Ann Abe, and Vice Chiefs Miki Gill and Risa Fujii, invited them to a special outing at the Huntington Library in Pasadena. 

Twenty-nine attended and were treated to a private tour of the newly opened Shoya House by Mr. Hori, who also is the Associate Director of Cultural Programs at the Huntington Library.  A stroll through the Japanese garden, led the group to the Seifuan, tea house.  There, the guests were invited to an Usucha demae tea ceremony by Ms. Fujii with assistance by Sochi Ohshima using the daime mat configuration.

In conjunction with the holiday and year end theme, the sweets were nerikiri with a Christmas design of a tree, falling star and angel.  It was appropriately named, “wishing on a star” in hopes of bringing a new exciting 2024. The kakejiku or scroll was by Sekiou roushi.  Written was “Saigetsu hito o matazu”, meaning time will not wait, which was appropriate to the fast approaching new year.  The kogo or incense container was of a ceramic rabbit.  A tribute to the end of the rabbit year.

It was with sincere gratitude to the managers and leaders for their tireless hard work and effort in making 2023 a memorable year.  They all looked forward to continue to work together to support, improve and grow with Urasenke Tankokai Los Angeles Association in 2024.