September 17, 2022 Fundraising Event “A Day of Kagetsu”

September 17, 2022
Fundraising Event “A Day of Kagetsu”

 On Saturday, September 17, 2022, the fundraising event “A Day of Kagetsu” was held at the Nichiren Shu Beikoku Betsuin. The event had been proposed by Mr. Soki Umbriaco, Chief of the ESS group. In the U.S., the pandemic appears to be almost over, with masks no longer necessary in daily life and parties beginning here and there as before. The Los Angeles Association has also finally stepped forward to hold face-to-face events with its members. There were 41 participants, including observers.

  In their opening remarks, Chief of Administration Mme. Soshin Robinson, and Mr. Umbriaco expressed their pleasure at being able to hold a face-to-face event for the first time in three and half years and their gratitude to the participants. In order to prevent Covid-19, a different tea bowl and chakin were used for each serving of thin tea, while for thick tea we pretended to make and drink it.

  The morning session consisted of hirakagetsu and koichatsuki kagetsu for beginners. From the instructor’s group, Mme. Robinson and Mme. Sori Miwa led the classes. Mme. Miwa explained the characteristics and classifications of shichiji-shiki and each type of kagetsu in an easy-to-understand manner, leading the participants to a better understanding.

  The afternoon session was for intermediate and advanced students. Mme. Soyu Yamashita taught the kiniin kiyotugi kagetsu and Mme. Miwa taught the sanyu no shiki. The participants expressed their appreciation for the rare experience of tea exchange with students across the other shachu.

  After the morning and afternoon sessions, participants enjoyed a bowl of tea with sweets prepared by the association. After the event, the participants worked together to clean up afterwards, which added to the sense of togetherness that had not been possible during the pandemic.

 Even though we were nervous about our first face-to-face event in a long time, it was a wonderful opportunity for everyone to learn and had a lot of fun.

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