OCTOBER 3, 2023 Tea ceremony demonstration

Tea ceremony demonstration at an event hosted by the YOUNG PRESIDENTS’ ORGANIZATION
Huntington Library
OCTOBER 3, 2023

The Young Presidents’ Organization held an event at the Huntington Library Japanese Garden at 3 o’clock in the afternoon on October 3, 2023 highlighting Japanese culture with Chado, Ikebana, Koto, Kendo and Taiko.

The tea ceremony demonstration and serving of tea (teicha) were held in the Marsh House.  There were over 100 onlookers and more than 30 people who participated as guests on the tatami.  Soshin Abe performed bonryaku for the guests while Somi Gill provided the narration.  Soketsu Guterres assisted with hanto duties.  Sochi Ohshima served the guests sweets and tea while Sokei Nakada and Soyo Nakamori prepared the sweets and whisked the tea to everyone’s enjoyment.

Some guests had experienced a tea ceremony in Japan before and for others it was a first time experience.  

Afterwards, the invited guests moved to an adjacent old Kominka house and toured the 300-year-old Shoya, Yokoi residence, which was relocated from Marugame City, Kagawa Prefecture over the course of three years, and the event ended. The grand opening of this Shoya House, which will include an outdoor garden and a tea room, will be a new attraction for Japanese gardens, and is scheduled for a grand opening next spring.

This event made us want to continue to work hard to convey the tea ceremony and the spirit of harmony, which are a part of Japanese culture, to as many people as possible.