November 17, 2019 Sotanki

Nichiren Shu Beikoku Betsuin
Sunday, November 17, 2019

On Sunday, November 17, 2019, the annual Sotanki was conducted at Nichiren Temple to commemorate the great tea master, Sotan, who was Grand Master III. This was a first fundraising Sotanki with a meal. First, sixty-eight people enjoyed tenshin, a light meal. Then all participants moved to the tearoom. There was a scroll of “kanza shofu wo kiku”- when you sit very quietly, you can hear sounds of wind blowing through pine trees. In hanayose, instructors and managers offered beautiful flowers. In kucha, Mme. Soshin Nakatomi served a bowl of thin tea for the great tea master Sotan, who laid the foundation for Urasenke chado. Everyone renewed their commitment to the teachings of Chanoyu. Following the ceremony, sweets named ‘Oribe jyoyo manju’ made by Chikaramochi, a Japanese sweet maker in Los Angeles, and bowls of thin tea were served to the participants with gratitude. The program also included hirakagetsunoshiki by five instructors. It is one of the basic exercises formulated for Chado training.

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