November 15, 2020 Sotanki

November 15, 2020

On Sunday, November 15, 2020, the annual Sotanki was conducted at Showaken, the late Mme. Sosei Matsumoto’s tearoom and virtually to commemorate Sotan, the Grand Master Ⅲ. The host, Mr. Soyu Garcia, the assistant, Mr. Sogen Charnof, and the head guest, Mme. Soyu Uyesugi gathered at the venue, and 46 other participants joined via Zoom due to the regulation under the pandemic.

Chief of Administration, Mme. Soshin Robinson announced the opening, and a silent of moment for the great tea master, Sotan, and Mme. Matsumoto. There was a scroll of “Mushin daido ni kisu (being true is being essential)” written by Hounsai Daisosho sama. In hanayose, an officer, instructors, and managers offered beautiful flowers at the venue and their houses. In kucha, thin tea in a white tenmoku tea bowl was served at the alcove. Then thin tea in a hagi tea bowl made by Kyusetsu Miwa Ⅺ was served for the guest. The sweet was “yellow chrysanthemum” made by CoA Robinson.

After that, Rev. Shumyo Kojima of Zenshuji, Soto Mission, gave a video lecture on the theme of “How to live in this pandemic from the viewpoint of Buddhism”.

At last, CoA Robinson expressed her gratitude for being able to finish the first virtual Sotanki with a strong support and prayed for everybody’s safety as closing remarks.

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