November 13, 2022 Sotanki

November 13, 2022

On Sunday, November 13, 2022, at 1:00 p.m., the Urasenke Tankokai Los Angeles Association hosted Sotanki in the memory of Sotan, the third generation of the SEN family. Hosted at Nichiren Beikoku Betsuin and over Zoom, this was the first hybrid memorial ceremony in three years (the ceremonies had only been held remotely since the pandemic). 61 people, including eleven members from Zoom, attended the event in pleasant weather and were happy to be able to gather at the venue for the first time in a while.

The event was opened with an address by Mme. Soshin Robinson, Chief of Administration. First, a hanayose (flower arrangement) ceremony was conducted by the instructors. The venue was beautifully decorated with seasonal flowers, albeit modestly. The kucha began with a commentary by the Chief of the instructors’ group, Mme. Soko Osumi. The host, Mme. Sohatsu Ishizuka, made a bowl of tea for Sotan-sama, and the assistant, Mme. Soketsu Guterres, offered it to the alcove. After this, Mme. Ishizuka made tea for guests Mme. Sokei Nakata, Mr. Sosei Salcedo, and Mme. Soshin Kawamura. After the kucha, every attendee made their own tea and enjoyed it alongside sweets prepared by the association.

The ceremony was followed by a shikijishiki (chabako tsuki kagetsu) performed by the volunteer managers, with the attendees listening attentively to Mme. Robinson’s explanation of the kagetsu.

The Sotanki concluded congenially with a speech of thanks by CoA Robinson.

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