May 9, 2024 Demonstration at USC Pacific Asian Museum

Chado Demonstration at USC Pacific Asia Museum
May 9, 2024

UTLAA had a Ryurei demonstration at USC Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena during a fundraiser organized by the Harvard Westlake Mindfulness Club on May 9, 2024

Tsubasa Okada and Lu Lou (both from Ishizuka Shachu) took turns as Teishu for two seatings.

Nakada Sokei explained about the Japanese way of tea and its utensils to the audience in a beautiful courtyard adorned with tasteful Asian designs. 

The main tea bowl was Kabuto (Zenho), kae chawan was Yatsuhashi (Eiho), and Koma natsume was a suitable arrangement for the season. Mei of Chashaku was “Wakei” (Kobayashi Taigen of Daitoku-ji), symbolizing a wish for a world where mutual respect is cherished.

The participants have enjoyed a relaxing time of pleasant evening in the beautiful courtyard.