May 26, 2023 KODO WORKSHOP

home of Sokei Nakada
April 26, 2023

Reverend Shinetsu Fukushima from Chokoji Zen Temple in Saitama Prefecture conducted a Kodo (Way of Incense) workshop for members of the Urasenke Tankokai Los Angeles Association.    The 2 hour session was held in the home of Sokei Nakada. Ten members were in attendance.

Reverend Fukushima briefly discussed the history and how it played a role during the Heian period and was mentioned in the Tale of Genji and continued through the samurai period. He practices “Jikishin-ryu” ,which focuses on procedures like the tea ceremony, derived from Shino ryu which was favored by Samurai rather than nobles. Participants were introduced to various fragrances and were instructed to “listen” and learn to distinguish the aroma and scent of the incense.  Part of the ceremony involved a guessing game of matching the scent with different kinds of incense.  It was a great learning experience enjoyed by those in attendance.


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