March 31, 2019 Rikyuki

Nichiren Shu Beikoku Betsuin
Sunday, March 31, 2019

On March 31st, Rikyu-ki by UTLAA was held at Nichiren Temple from 1pm. Rikyu-ki is a memorial tea ceremony to commemorate Rikyu; the Tea Master.
Temuke no Hanayose no Shiki (Flower Offering) began the afternoon and beautiful blooming flowers decorated Tokonoma where Rikyu Gasan was situated. A bowl of tea was then offered to all attendees as put their hands together to bow toward the Rikyu. During this time, utensils preferred by the late Madam Sosei Matsumoto were offered.
After attendees enjoyed the sweets and tea, Dr. MinJeong Park lectured on the philosophy of Soso— the origin of Suki in the Way of Tea. This was a wonderful opportunity to learn the true meaning of Rikyu’s Wabi-cha.

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