January 15, 2023 Hatsudate Shiki

Sunday, January 15, 2023 Hatsudate Shiki

The annual Hatsudate Shiki for the Urasenke Tankokai Los Angeles (UTLAA) was held in person after three years due to the pandemic. This joyous event was held at the Double Tree Hotel in Little Tokyo. One of the distinguished guests was the Deputy Consul General of Japan, Mr. Naoshige Aoshima.

The main stage was decorated with celebratory gold screens displaying Hounsai Daishosho’s calligraphy, “Juzan jushoku kiki komoru” meaning “The colors of Mount Juzan are full of vitality.  This evoked an auspicious atmosphere.

Before the opening All guests were served usucha and manju branded with kotobuki from Little Tokyo’s Fugetsudo.

The incoming Chief of Administration, Ann Soshin Abe wishes to continue the Urasenke legacy for a new generation, for new members, and for the organization to thrive into the future. Her goal is to engage in research and introduce tea to the local and global community as well as participate in intercultural exchange and communication.  Mr. Sohaku (Robert) Hori, President of the UTLAA was thankful for this new year after three years of great difficulty and suspension of all in-person activities.

The 2023 New Year’s Demonstration (Tatezome Shiki) was then presented by Soshin Kawamura, as teishu, and Sokou Jones, as hanto.  The main chawan had the design of a royal carriage and was made by Kizan.

All guests and members enjoyed the champagne toast, lunch and door prizes donated by  various individuals and organizations.

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