January 10, 2021 General Meeting and Hatsudate Ceremony

On Sunday, January 10, 2021, the general meeting (UTLAA members only) and Hatsudate ceremony were held, fully remote. Sixty-nine people attended the Hatsudate Ceremony, including guests from Urasenke Tankokai Orange County Association.

In her opening remarks, Chief of Administration Robinson expressed pleasure to be able to hold activities like the wagashi workshops and Sotanki in 2020, and wished the new year will be peaceful. President Hori mentioned that Kakufukudate (which was created by the 13th grand tea master, Ennosai over 100 years ago and reintroduced by Zabosai oiemoto sama) and reviewed the new attainments, including North America Chado Relay under the pandemic. The Consul General, the Hon. Akira Muto greeted our activities by saying that the Urasenke slogan “Peacefulness through a Bowl of Tea” is very meaningful especially during this difficult time in his video message.

Instead of tatezomeshiki, all the participants made their own bowl of tea, led by Mme. Soyu Uyesugi, and celebrated the beginning of 2021 together. Wagashi contest followed. Ms. Soshin Kodama from Zenshuji chadobu commented on the beautiful pieces we had. After the participants enjoyed a raffle, CoA Robinson closed this event with gratitude.

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