FEBRUARY 29, 2024
Consulate General of Japan in Los Angeles

On February 24th, 2024, the Birthday Celebration of His Majesty the Emperor of Japan was held at the Consul General of Japan’s residence. Urasenke Tankokai Los Angeles Association was invited to participate with tea ceremonies for the invited guests on the lawn of the residence.  Approximately, 100 guests were offered matcha and dragon motif ohigashi from Kanshundo.  

The misonodana temae was performed by Somi Gill and Soketsu Guterres.  A shikishi written by Sen Soshitsu XV “Furou, Sennen no Midori” meaning long life and longevity was displayed. It was a gift to the Tankokai on Daisoshosama’s 100th birthday last year. Utensils were selected to highlight the auspicious occasion with a “shochikubai”, bamboo, pine and plum.  A Shiogama Onatsume by Shoichiro from Wajima, depicted pine, a symbolism for good health.  It also was used in memory of this city ravaged in the Noto Peninsula earthquake.  The Chashaku was by Ishikawa Zenshi with the poetic name, “Hakubai” or white plum, meaning beauty and a bamboo bowl, Ninsei Takechawan, by Eiraku Zengoro, represented vitality.

Preparing and serving the tea were by the Tankokai members, Soshin Abe, Sokei Nakada, Sochi Ohshima, Soho Duffey, Soyo Nakamori, and Soki Umbriaco.

It was a joyous occasion where tea was served to both guests who have had tea before and those whom it was a first time experience.  We were grateful to the Consul General of Japan and Mrs. Kenko Sone for this wonderful opportunity.